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Showering Together #1 & #2

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I went ahead and revised these. They are the final versions for the sustainability video contest. Although the web link will probably be changed and the the videos re-dubbed to correspond with that change.

Showering Together #1

Showering Together #2


PSAs update

April 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Although a fair amount of progress was made on the two PSAs that were supposed to have been uploaded this Friday, we are of the opinion that it’s not ready until it’s ready. That being said, the final products should be done by Tuesday.

New Series

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

After (what I consider to be) a success in making my first two PSAs for a video contest, I’ve decided to begin a new series, called Okquard PSAs. The videos were submitted to a contest, but due to time constraints, I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to them. For that reason, I have decided to postpone uploading them to the Interwebs until sometime later this week, when I am satisfied with the quality.

I’ve started making a list of subject matters that I would like to make PSAs for, but I won’t spill the beans yet. That being said, expect that they will be over-the-top and round-about ways of spread the message of the topic.

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Welcome to Okquard! Okquard is a home-grown, apartment-born, world-dominating, media conglomerate. That is in fact, well, fact. It’s understandable if you haven’t heard of us before, as most of our 10,000 year history has been dominated by being a shadow corporation, and trust us, we’ve been involved in some shady stuff.

Like in 9514 BCE, we were responsible for fixing the price of cave walls (sorry for the shortage of cave drawings… well we’re not really sorry, that’s where we made our first fortune). We’re at fault for why no one can figure out quite what Stonehenge is for. Our scientists told us that the decorative paint they had created would be visible for “millennia to come,” but as we all know now, that didn’t pan out. So now everyone thinks it was some ceremonious site… which is sort of true. It involved an athletic ceremony which was similar to what we would call “Pinball” today, but it incorporated the problem members of society. Before you get all up in arms about the whole thing, we assure you that sportsmanship and spectator etiquette were of prime important to these people.

Anyway, to answer the question of why we’ve decided to go public now, well it mainly has to do with getting a “tax holiday”┬áso that we can bring some of our foreign profits home. Unfortunately to do that, we have to be a public company that people┬álike or at least need. So there you have it. Welcome, and enjoy (and like us)!

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